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- Contemporary style rib panel
- Simple and fast installation
- Low maintenance and enduring
- No special tools or clips required
- Ideal for cladding wall applications
- A diverse selection of materials, finishes, textures and colours

- Compliant with stringent fire rating standards

Colorbond Nail Strip Cladding

Nail Strip cladding system is a concealed fix profile ideal for all modern and traditional architectural facades.

It has an adjustable recessed pan with a raised seam of either 25mm or 38mm in height. The overall effect of a structure covered by this cladding is a series continuous flowing thick bands neatly framed by thin ribs that lends to a range of effects through a combination of light and shadows to produce a dynamic visual impact.

Perfect for residential and commercial applications, this profile requires no clips or special tools, and it is fastened with screws along its perforated Nail Strip edge.

StormTech are your number one cladding installers in Melbourne.

via Colorspan Industries

Matt Monument Nailstip roofing and cladding
Monument Colorbond Nailstrip cladding
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